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Join the Ketosis & Mental Performance Study this Wednesday April 24th in Central London

There is a Keto Pilot Study/ Experiment in Central London this Wednesday you can join.

If you take part, you'll be supporting real keto research that will be published in a science journal.

Inspired already? Click here to sign up and join us in the study

Here's some more details.

Based on other research we hope to see an improvement in your cognitive test scores. And thus be able to help support / push forward ketogenic research in the area of brain health and cognition.

Ready to sign up for the study? To learn more about your cognition (and taste how not so nice a Ketone Ester tastes) please sign up to participate here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: What do you need to bring/ do to take part in this?
    Answer: Nothing! Everything is taken care of. You just need to turn up on time and take part!
  2. Question: What is a Ketone Ester?
    Answer: A Ketone ester is a liquid supplement made up primarily of BHB (betahydroxybutyrate) that directly raises your blood ketones by around 4 mmol. You can get answers to any question you have on ketone esters by checking out this in-depth article.
  3. Question: Why do participants take a Ketone Ester if they are already on a Ketogenic Diet?
    Answer: By taking the ketone ester it ensures you are in a high level of ketosis. Higher levels of ketosis seem to correlate better with mental performance based on the research to date. So the Ketone ester helps us to ensure your ketone levels are adequate to show a clear result for the study. From your perspective, its also a chance to experience something new - and what it would be like to be on a rigorous ketogenic diet (which would give similarly high ketone levels with diet alone)

As always, we'll also make the event a fun and educational event for everyone at the same time (the usual Keto London Social Circle vibe).


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